inspired by nature, driven by science

SDH is the design innovation lab of SAES, a material science company that pioneers advanced material applications to enable the preservation of Planet Earth.
SDH was born with the aim of generating innovation by creating a bridge across the different disciplines that build SAES' DNA.
This gave us the opportunity to develop a unique language based on the "design driven by science" paradigm.

"Functionalism, in architecture, the doctrine that the form of a building should be determined by practical considerations such as use, material, and structure, as distinct from the attitude that plan and structure must conform to a preconceived picture in the designer’s mind."

Each era embraces a different philosophy and embodies clearly defined values to improve people's quality of life. Human-centered design has revolutionized how objects are conceived by placing a magnifying glass on the relationship between man and machine.

These values had already been introduced into the design method during the interwar period and had been then carried forward with certain blindness by German schools, particularly by the Bauhaus.

The continuous struggle between experimentation beyond the limits imposed by utilitarianism and human-shaped design represents the conflict -of all generations- between the evolution of cultural values and technical-scientific development.

Opening up new horizons gives an enormous creative impulse to man, but on the other hand, it also brings him face to face with the hard discipline of application. This is true especially in design, where combining creative impulse and industry is not always a process that can be followed, but it is fundamental to think and try, opening up to all the possible paths that generational evolution offers us.

we develop original ideas to improve coexistence between people and planet

We do not have a sector of focus, we experiment in every area looking for ways to leverage SAES’s technologies and know-how developing original products with the aim of improving the coexistence between mankind and planet.

We apply new design methods and tools such as algorithmic and parametric design, additive manufacturing processes, integration between strategy and fabrication.

space exploration has taken to the extreme the relationship with the unknown, in our work we pursue the same drive and challenge the unknown everyday. The human urge to go further and the dedication for a personal faith, for enriching mankind with new information and for feeding the fire that fuels every explorer, are virtues that belong to us and that we carry forward with energy in our own little world.

scaling back until we are left with the essential to create, there is power in less

when we design an object we try to integrate the maximum in the minimum.
We approach the design process creating a system of blocks, every block is defined by three actions: pureness, interference and accent.
From the pure volume we remove what is necessary to guarantee the desired performance, engineer the component and then insert an accent that makes it iconic and recognizable.

The blocks that we generate are often modifiable in position and allow us to study with a large degree of freedom the interaction of the model with the person.
Creativity and technology come together in a homogeneous process that leads us to develop the physical interface on the overall dimensions of the internal components. This always guarantee a reduction in the space used, which has repercussions on the entire production chain, transport and storage in homes.
A good product must be designed inside out, made to last, and it must generate a physical and emotional bond with the user.
We embrace the concept power of less essential and not dispersive, exaltation of function and not multi-function, often making choices that go against trends.