Being part of an advanced material company our ecosystem is mainly composed of chemists and physicists. Our team always starts developing new ideas from new materials  in SAES' labs with the aim of bringing innovation to the service of people.


To improve and maintain the vacuum environment inside hermetically sealed devices, getter materials are crucial. Getters can absorb all active gasses such as O2, H2O, CO, CO2 and N2 by a chemical reaction under vacuum, allowing to reach high and ultra high vacuum levels.


By manipulating materials on the nano-scale, we can change their characteristics and create entirely new sets of properties and attributes. This allows us to add new features to human-scale products without changing their traditional look and feel.


Nitinol is a nickel-titanium alloy different from other materials by its shape memory and super elastic characteristics. It is one of the most performing and stable memory alloys, that trained at high temperature remembers it’s initial shape.


This technology allows specific gases or active ingredients to be enclosed within nanometer-sized capsules that remain unaltered until activated. This allows special properties to be embedded within chemical compounds where they might not otherwise exist.


By working surfaces at the micro- and nanometer level, it is possible to create novel properties based on the geometry of the material and not on its chemical composition. The most common properties are antibacterial, adhesive and protective


The development of advanced materials is the specialty of SAES, we are constantly engaged in R&D processes to create new materials that can have a positive impact on the ecosystem, among them are barrier lacquers for the production of biodegradable packaging.